SpareTalk, The Website

"SpareTalk" was originally created as a 'Video Interview' platform, to get the views and insights of the Duckpin bowlers who have cracked the '600' barrier in league play. As time progressed, it became evident that there was a lot more to be said in regard to not just duckpins, but the entire sport of bowling. The SpareTalk website will be an alternative for bowling fans to visit to keep abreast of the goings-on of the everyday player.

A weekly newsletter is on schedule to be made available for public perusal as the SpareTalk website matures. Interested web visitors can subscribe to a free version of the newsletter, which will serve to notify when a new publication is available for viewing

In order to provide fresh content for the average bowler, the website will be enlisted to provide weekly leaders updates, based primarily on Pins Over Average, which will be an attraction geared to including WorldLeagues members of all skill levels. Leader boards and player charts and graphs will be selectable by web visitors to keep track of themselves, relatives, or peers at the lanes. An entertaining sideline for the WorldLeagues members will be periodic contests that run from week to week to offer a little extra interest for the weekly attendees at the lanes. The contests are based on Pins Over Average, so it won't matter whether the bowlers are high or low -- it's all the same when using full handicap.

A podcast with a different twist is scheduled to be launched in the next couple of months, which should be an entertaining diversion for bowling aficionados. Occasionally, a standard podcast/interview segment will be offered via this feature. More on this to be announced in the coming weeks.

Bowlers who participated in leagues in the Greater Washington Duckpin Association from the years 1986 to 2021 can look up averages of bowlers who were in the yearly average books.

SpareTalk Social

Sparetalk Social is a modest entry into the social media world which is to exist as more of an interactive experience for web visitors. You can either peruse the site to read articles and view items as a casual observer, or you can register an account, with which you'll be able to participate in groups and forums, as well as replying to blog posts (mini-articles).

The blog posts aren't limited to bowling. They also include the editor's philosophies on different aspects of life, selected memories, and also my 'take' on different experiences that hopefully may be of aid to others. There will, however, be 'Bowling Tips' that I've found to be helpful -- at least for my game -- over the years.

There will also be a section on upcoming events in the different bowling arenas, so that those who might be followers of the site from different regions across the country (and perhaps farther) can possibly attend.

Among the blog articles will be occasional reprints from past editions of the North American Bowling News, that may be of interest to new visitors to the site, as well as interesting "re-reads" for others. There will be a few more of these during the early launch period of the social site, which will serve as content placeholders and filler at the outset.

More menu items will likely be added over the course of time, so it should be fun.